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Sociology Department Grad Student Wiki

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Welcome to the soc grad student wiki! This wiki is a space where we can pool and share all sorts of information useful to grad students.

Are you looking for funding opportunities? A summer job or an RAship? Could you do with some hints and resources from your fellow TAs? Or maybe you have an apartment that's dying to be subleased? Have a pricey stats book that needs re-selling? Look no further… you've come to the right place!

So here's how it works. . .

  1. Visit our community wiki often for tons of useful information.
  2. Edit or Create a wiki page when you have useful information to share. Include text, image and video files as well as links to external sites. Don't just email the socgrad listserv, include the information here. Our wiki makes categorizing, finding and adding information easy, by avoiding email clutter.
  3. Have questions for other students? Create a discussion thread to which others can reply quickly.
  4. Spread the word. When you land that awesome RAship, tell others how you heard of it here first!
  5. :?: Questions? Check out Wiki 101 or Email wiki help.
  6. Test your wiki skills using our Playground

Wiki Categories

  • FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES – Here, you can find and add information on fellowships, scholarships and travel grants.
  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES – Looking for an RAship or an on- or off-campus job? Are you looking for or do you know of exciting opportunities on the job market? Take a look at job opportunities listings on the wiki.
  • MARKETPLACE – Looking to lease or sublet an apartment? Planning to buy or sell used books or household items? Wanting to give away or exchange stuff? Check out marketplace.
  • SEATTLE LIFE – Whether you're a newbie looking to explore or you're a seasoned Seattlite who's fallen from the social scene in recent times, “Seattle Life” shares advice about where to go and what to do in and around town. Just remember to bring your umbrella!
  • STUDENT CAREER – As if mounting and defending a research project isn't hard enough, grad school also involves meeting administrative requirements, forging professional relationships and actively sharing in the UW grad student community. The wiki makes this easier by sharing information on department requirements for MA and PhD completion, managing workload and advisor expectations, developing collaborative relationships and joining groups and associations.
  • TA & TEACHING RESOURCES – Need ideas for lesson plans? Want to share an activity that your students loved with other TAs? Could you use some advice on how to land and survive TAships? Then check out our resources for TAs.
  • PREPARE FOR THE JOB MARKET – Are you thinking about entering the job market? Would you like some help figuring out how to approach it? This section provides strategic advice and examples of successful cover letters and research & teaching statements.
  • MEETING NOTES – Find out what's going on in the department with notes from GSA and faculty meetings.

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RT @cristiandona: Great question/comment in the panel. “Can we have sociology without humans?” #futurestudies #isa2018wcs
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Sociology Feeds

American Journal of Sociology

American Sociological Review

Social Problems


  • What is the Sexual Life Cycle of Those Who Ever Have a Same-Sex Partner? by Emma Mishel and Paula England
    A growing proportion of Americans have had a same-sex sex partner at some point during their life, especially among women (as we show here and here). But does knowing this tell us something about the sex of their sex partners at other points of their lives? For example, how many have also had a sex […]
  • Mental Illness Affects Police Fatal Shootings by Emma Franklin
    Police fatally shot almost 2,000 people in the U.S. from the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2016. Much of the news coverage about fatal police encounters has focused on the race of the individuals killed by police, overlooking the fact that a quarter of those killed exhibited signs of mental illness. We know […]
  • Thinking Caps by Esa Syeed
    This Spring, an annual fashion trend will return to the campus of California State University–Long Beach. As the familiar sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” carry across the vast lawns, students will arrive decked out in highly customized graduation caps. Some will have scoured Pinterest pages and YouTube videos for tutorials and inspiration. Using an assortment […]
  • Resist, or What? by David Pettinicchio, Pamela Oliver, Jennifer Earl, Matthew W. Hughey, and Melissa Brown
    Exploring a time of contentious political engagement, from individual actions to the social, regional, and topical movements taking form online, in the halls of government, and out in the streets
  • Education’s Limitations and Its Radical Possibilities by Prudence L. Carter
    Public education aims to grow generations of literate, critical, creative, and civically engaged students who edify and build a living democracy. Somewhere, that purpose has faltered.

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